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Become part of our network of over 90,000 people worldwide - brought together through a shared curiosity for the arts and our artistic heritage. The Arts Society Connected is a virtual space where Members and non Members can 'meet' during the Coronavirus crisis.


We normally meet in real places and enjoy lecturers, talks, outings and tours - for now, let's talk about the arts online and stay in touch.


With more than 380 Societies in the UK and abroad, we make a difference locally and regionally through thousands of events every year. If you want to join a welcoming community of people with an interest in the arts, do check if there is a Society near you by clicking here .


The Arts Society works with over 370 lecturers who have been accredited through our own assessment process. Our Societies use the Directory to arrange their monthly lecture for members.

We welcome applications from lecturers who speak on a range of arts subjects. For more information click here.


Grants are an important aspect of our work and have real impact locally as well as regionally and nationally. Over the last few decades, we have awarded millions of pounds to the arts and heritage.

All grants from The Arts Society are intended to give access to the arts to those that wouldn’t normally have access to them. We believe in Arts for All and will use our grants to make a positive contribution to people’s lives through the arts.


Our volunteers offer their time and energy to help us preserve and celebrate the arts. Their work spans the conservation and protection of the nation's heritage and the facilitation of arts projects for children, young people and those more vulnerable in society. This dedicated community is making a real difference at local and national level.


For a large charity, we only have a small team of 13 staff. They work very hard so that the rest of the team, the thousands of volunteers in the Societies and Areas, have the support and guidance they need to do the fantastic work they have been doing for more than 50 years.  

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