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Live streaming: we need your help

#stayinghome means we have to do things differently. On Monday 30 March I will be giving my first live stream to members of committees of The Arts Society. This is to test new ways to reach our Members and keep them engaged. We have already hosted a live lecture for an audience of 50 people from around the UK, but we need to scale this up.

We want Societies to be able to hold their lectures virtually, and for that we need to develop new tools. Our Youtube channel needs 1,000 subscribers so we can do more things and grow our reach faster. Once we have tested this we will be working with lecturers and other partners to try and create new live online content.

This is an internal live stream so we will send everyone an invitation on Monday morning to join the stream. We have not tried this before, so please bear with as we attempt to create new solutions for Societies. The live stream will take around 15 minutes and I will make some announcements which I hope will be helpful for all committee members.

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4 Kommentare

Thank you for the test Florian

Gefällt mir

Elizabeth Gorell
Elizabeth Gorell
30. März 2020

Hello thank you everyone for their patience, please see this link for the new broadcast-

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I too, think this is a good idea. Perhaps I don't quite get it, but unless I'm at my computer how will I know when you will be broadcasting?

Gefällt mir

Cheryl  Kellaway
Cheryl Kellaway
28. März 2020

This seems like a good idea. I think it is excellent that the Arts Society is being so pro-active in thinking of ways of staying in touch.

Gefällt mir
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