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Catch up with Phileas...

DID YOU KNOW? All of our 25 lecture videos are recordings so, once they are available, they will remain available to view, enabling you to catch up on past destinations as and when it suits you. All lectures will be released over 80 days on the dates shown in our Virtual Travellers Area. (You will need to log in or sign up with your Virtual Traveller email and password).

ON THE SUBJECT OF CATCHING UP... If you missed last night's live reading of the first four chapters, performed by Accredited Lecturer Simon Whitehouse, you can watch a recording of this in the Virtual Travellers Area in the events section.


Tomorrow we are arriving in Northern Italy so make sure you check out the next stage of our itinerary. Maybe buy some Italian ingredients such as Campari and fresh oranges to make a refreshing cocktail - the simple and classic recipe will be tomorrow's top tip

Some of our fellow travellers have asked that we stop and meet at major ports as we progress on our journey. So on Sunday evening, 4th July at 7.00 pm (London time, BST), we will host a social event as Phileas arrives in Brindisi to board the steamer Mongolia to travel towards Suez. You can register for the event in the Virtual Travellers Area. So make sure you have a delicious Italian meal and drink as we get ready to head towards Asia.

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